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Henley Scan has a proven record, the skill and expertise in archiving and sorting “old” media in many formats, be it images, videos, film, posters, newspaper articles or paperwork. We have even digitised floppy disks!

We not only have family customers, with personal memories and stories, we also help organisations, charities, clubs, businesses, schools etc to archive their history.


The work is all catalogued, the scanned documents are “tagged” virtually and they can be put into acid free sleeves for prosperity and boxed in archiving boxes.


Digitally, the information is now searchable on line, you can find information easily from your computer. We can help with digital storage solutions, and how to make it all safe and backed-up going forward.


Newer, already digital information can be incorporated too.

The history is now safe from accidents, fire or flood damage and can be treasured going forward. We frequently find some real gems of forgotten history.


Clearing out and reclaiming the physical space can be a motivator when starting this exercise.

Can we help your business or one of the organisations you're involved with with any archiving requirements?

Please see our page with video books - we can create legacy books and more.

"Precious memories handled with love.
The team at Henley Scan not only provide an excellent service and high quality output, they are a delight to deal with too. Thank you for going the extra mile for us and for giving us back some great family times that we can share and enjoy again."


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