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Drop off / Pick up North Basingstoke


Our friend Jane, is part of the Henley Scan team. Jane lives in Sherborne St John, north of Basingstoke and comes to Henley 2 or 3 days per week, so dropping off and picking up media and memories with Jane means we can give you our individual and personal service in the Basingstoke area too.

Jane's children and our children went to school together about 25 years ago, when we lived in the beautiful village too. We have stayed friends since, had a few days out and holidays together. When she comes to Henley, she very much helps us with the digitising , some organising and frequently also with our window displays.We normally have a bit of a giggle as well talk music. Jane is a big Rolling Stones fan.

If you have any queries about our services then please contact us the normal way via phone or email and then if Jane's help is needed we will put her in contact with you for a convenient time for pick up or drop off.

Henley Scan becomes Basingstoke Scan, and the project never leaves the hands of Henley Scan.

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