Cine Film


3" diameter reels


5" diameter reels


7" diameter reels


8mm silent Cine film is converted in-house,

frame by frame.


Cine film with sound or

9.5 mm and 16mm

cine film, we send away,

with your permission,

to a trusted partner by courier.

We can repair physical damaged film. 

We crop the start and the end of the films, so only your footage is on the digital version.

"I highly recommend Henley Scan.

Eva and Graham received from me a cardboard box of 16 reels of family cine film (1965-1983) and converted them to quality digital files.

From this footage they skilfully made a 'highlights' film set to music for all the family to enjoy - footage which would otherwise have been lost.

Eva and Graham are the epitome of fabulous customer service, answering every email enquiry swiftly, and gracefully keeping me abreast of progress. 5 stars!"


cine film conversion. This film was cinefilm to dvd

Editing costs depends on length of original footage.

Happy to quote and discuss.

We also sell our very popular video books,

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