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Memory Books

Our memory books are the perfect way to capture the life story of a loved one. We work with families to create, ‘This is your Life" books as a lasting legacy and something that can be treasured forever.

We convert, scan and digitise many “old” memories.  We love brin
ging the stories behind the photos alive, rejuvenating the stories for many generations.

Some of our families are living with dementia. At Henley Scan, we are dementia friends trained through the Alzheimer's society. We understand that trying to grab those moments of joy, talking about memories and keeping the story going for as long as possible is precious.

Once photos are in a digital format, either scanned or already digital from a camera or phone, the possibilities are endless, to what you would like us to create.

Quality and design of the cover, paper quality, binding, box or sleeve; everything is possible. These green legacy books have been embossed with a monogram created a few years ago of the couple’s initials. It was recreated and used on the front of the books as well as on the spine of the sleeve. This particular family had 4 sets made, one for each child - an amazing gift to treasure forever. 

Our time is on an hourly basis and is on top of the printing costs.  Printing costs for a book starts at about £100, depending on number of pages, and the most expensive one we've been involved with was just under £200 for the printing. The design and any scanning cost is on top of the printing cost.

Please see our page with video books too.

"Exceptional service is so rare these days that it makes you notice when you get it. Henley Scan was exactly that. They were good value, faster than promised and responded to extra requests without any issues - what more do you want?! Thank you - the world needs more people and places like this."

"Eva was amazing. I am so pleased as I got this as a present for my Mum. The team are very friendly and helpful, would 100% recommend."
"Eva and Graham, based in Central Henley are warm, open-hearted and welcoming. I would not hesitate to entrust precious family photographs to them to work their magic on."
 "If you want all your higgeldy piggeldy pics to be easy to view and share, then Henley Scan must be your first stop.  I am already looking forward to bringing you my next collection!"

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