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Other Services

Henley Scan converts, scans, transfers and digitises old media. We also enhance, repair, restore and transform images. 

We have also removed a person (like an ex partner) from photographs, merged two or more photos together (taken the best of individuals from several photos) and created the perfect group photograph.

Removed marks, stains, the wine glass, people in the background, restored colour and much more.

We work with photographs, slides, negatives, VHS, many different camcorder tape formats, Cine film, audio tapes and reel to reels. We edit films, create photo / video books and other photo gifts/products such as Christmas baubles. We’ve created slide shows/films for funerals, big birthdays and other occasions. We come highly recommended and we are passionate about helping you and your loved ones accessing memories.


We can help you remember your story.  We scan the photos, mix it with the original digital and create a collage, a wallpaper, a slideshow with memory audio … endless opportunities.


We can transform a box of photos to personalised wallpaper either in colour or black and white. We have a statement wall in our shop, made up of just over 100 photos of five generations of our family on repeat of about 1 metre by 65 cm. It always receives lovely feedback from our customers.  


The possibilities of what we can create for your old media is endless! We would love to help you bring your precious memories to life! 


Please do get in touch to find out more.  

Please see our page with video books - we can create legacy books and more.

"Eva & Graham are wonderful. They were extremely helpful. It was great to be reunited with the footage of me as child!"


"Thank you Henley Scan for helping to recapture beloved family memories by creating a digital archive of old videos, photos and dvds.

To see my beloved Mum and Dad's wedding day and treasured family holidays for the first time in decades has been amazing. My Mum died in December 2021 and its been emotional to watch 30 year old footages but wonderful too.

You do a great thing and please keep up the good work. I can't recommend you highly enough."


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