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Photo Books

Once photos are in a digital format, either scanned or already digital from a camera or phone, the possibilities are endless, to what you would like us to create.

Books can be created in specific software with annotation, the scanned hand writing from a relative (maybe from the back of the photo)? 

Quality and design of the cover, paper quality, binding, box or sleeve; everything is possible.

We have a working partnership with a few printers, and we have the skills to work in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Our time is on an hourly basis and is on top of the printing costs.  Printing costs for a book starts at about £100, depending on number of pages, and the most expensive one we've been involved with was just under £200 for the printing. The design and any scanning cost is on top of the printing cost.

We are also happy to sit down with you and show you how to do it yourself, and we are always at the other end of an email or the phone to support you.

Please see our page with video books - we can create slideshows and more

"I would like to highly recommend Eva and Graham and the wonderful Henley Scan. In a matter of days Graham collated a rather mixed collection of old photographs, some emailed, to produce an emotional slideshow to be shared at a funeral today.


Alongside this, Eva produced a pair of photo books, having painstakingly arranged the photos into a glossy, smart album of digitally 'cleaned up' photographic memories. From black and white wedding photos to modern family snaps, they are all presented with clarity and style and in perfect timing to be given as gifts today (very emotionally received).


Eva and Graham, based in Central Henley are warm, open-hearted and welcoming. I would not hesitate to entrust precious family photographs to them to work their magic on.


 If you want all your higgeldy piggeldy pics to be easy to view and share, then Henley Scan must be your first stop.  I am already looking forward to bringing you my next collection!


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