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Old Computers

We can retrieve photos, films and videos from most old media, including old phones and computers. 


Do you have images, documents and videos stuck on really old media, which you’d like to bin or give away, but need to make sure it’s empty of your ‘stuff’?

We can help in the following ways:​

  • Download all of your photos from old hard drives / computers.

  • Ensure you’ve really got your old photos, videos and documents off the desk top or lap top computer and check if there are directories hidden away.

  • Avoid duplication of photos by using duplication software which can clean up your computer.

  • Declutter your tech (virtually and physically) without losing what was current at the time and are precious memories now.

  • Help you get precious images and files in the cloud to make it all future proof.

"Precious memories handled with love.
The team at Henley Scan not only provide an excellent service and high quality output, they are a delight to deal with too. Thank you for going the extra mile for us and for giving us back some great family times that we can share and enjoy again."


Image by Clément Hélardot

Please see our page with video books - we can create legacy books and more.

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