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Slideshow with Memory Audio

Slideshow with Memory Audio

Another one of our services is to provide audio with your precious memories. 

The vast majority of the media we see has no sound. We love to ask what is the story behind the image? This is where the magic really happens!

We absolutely love speaking to people about the photo, where it was taken, who was behind the camera, what happened before and after and why were they in that place? The list of questions is nearly endless.

We make a slideshow (after the images have been digitised in high resolution and enhanced back to full life), we record a voice and the story behind the images and put it on top of the slideshow. MAGIC and priceless. So much fun and cannot be retrieved once the person with the answers is no longer with us. A video is good too, but nothing beats the person's actual voice. Colin’s answer (pictured above) as to why he fell in love with his wife will make us giggle for a long time! 

We love to encourage our clients to sit down with their parents or other relatives who remember the story behind the footage. Favourite outfit? Favourite car? Do you remember when... We can  record all the giggles, commentary, laughter, ooohhs and aaahs and combine the audio with the footage. Priceless and so precious.


We’ve had happy tears from customers as the the voices combined with the memories are just so powerful.

Where to watch the end result? From a USB memory stick on a TV, computer, tablet or really splash out - one of our personalised Video books.


Please see our page with video books - we can create legacy books and more.

"Eva and Graham have produced the most gift  for a very special Granny’s 97th birthday.


Nothing was too much hassle - video clips, music, photo slideshow and a personalised cover including beautiful artwork of her favourite flowers.

All sorted on a very tight timeline and delivered with wonderful smiles! Great bit of technology but the best thing really was their exceptional service. Very highly recommended"

"Eva was amazing. I am so pleased as I got this as a present for my Mum. The team are very friendly and helpful, would 100% recommend."


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