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Post Production in Process
computer keyboard editing films VHS

Film Editing
Slide show

Editing digitised film from Videos, camcorder tapes, Cine films etc
Price is depending on length of converted footage 
Editing and collating films which originated digitally on smart phones. 

Photo Slideshow
We put slideshows together for anniversaries, birthdays, funerals and more. We often put them on one of our photo books. Please feel free to have a chat with us. 
We can put music to a slideshow and it is great for special birthdays and wedding 

"Hi Eva & Graham

My husband absolutely loved his video card, as did the girls! The memories came flooding back. You made such a wonderful job of editing our daft videos.Not a dry eye. Very emotional in a good way.


"Eva and Graham did an amazing job in producing a 10 minute 'highlights' production for my 25th wedding anniversary. I supplied two old camcorder DVDs and within no time at all, they had turned it into an amazing mini film on both USB and also so I could download onto my mac. They also did a 40 minute version which included the full wedding speeches. Without even having to tell them which were the most important bits or pointing out key people, they absolutely nailed it and we had great fun watching it with our children during lockdown. Thanks Eva and Graham."


"Dear Graham

Thank you so much.

I have just looked at the 10 minute version

and it is lovely. I cried throughout!

I am very happy with your editing –

a truly professional job.

I only wish that my wife was alive to see it –

she would have loved your work."


Converted films might add up to 7 hours,

we would edit down to a one hour version and a shorter 7 - 10 minutes highlight version.

Wedding videos for an important anniversary are very popular.

Recently we edited the films on a mobile phone of a child's first 18 months into a 15 minute film as a Christmas present on a video book. Huge success

Our biggest project was 42 hours of converted video tapes, filmed over 30 years, which we edited down to a film of just over one hour for a 60th birthday. Such a lovely present from a wife to her husband.

We can add music (copyright free) and subtitles.

An edited film can be delivered on a USB memory stick, but as a gift our video books are great gifts and wonderful to receive. Please have a look at our video books here.

Always happy to discuss any project.

Eva and Graham have been amazing on a project that we've been working on for a year.


I wanted to create something special for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. The first stage was converting all my parents cine films and slides to digital files. The next stage was to condense this alongside the later 30 years of photos and videos into a Video book. The surprise and delight that this has given my parents is incredible.


Eva and Graham have been supportive, suggested ideas and made this process easy and seamless from start to finish. We can add to the book whenever we choose. I highly recommend Henley Scan and the video books. Everything is now on our cloud so we have the memories to last a lifetime. What an amazing gift to have.              


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