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camcorder tape to digital
convert 8mm tapes
miniDV Hi8 VHS-C convert transfer
mini disk mini DVD mini disc transfer convert

We also offer an editing service once they have been converted.

Please ask about it. The price is depending on the length of the original footage. 

Camcorder Tapes

£20.00 per tape - disk

Camcorder tapes came in many formats. shape and sizes. 
Hi8, MiniDV, Digital 8, MicroMV and others. We have the equipment and expertise to convert them all. (we believe)

We reserve the right to charge extra, in the few cases, where the tapes have deteriorated or are damaged. We normally manage to clean and fix the tapes and successfully convert them.

Our video editing page can be found here

"We used Henley scan to transfer some small DV tapes that we have had sitting in the cupboard unwatched for about 18 years! I cannot tell you how brilliant it was to be able to watch these just about anywhere now.The service was quick (given we gave them about 32 tapes) and they were a pleasure to deal with. I'm busy sorting through all my photos now to give to Henley Scan to scan for me."


Camcorder tape filmed in 1993

by Grandad and converted

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