VHS video

£15 per tape

We reserve the right to charge extra, if the tapes are mouldy or extremely dusty. This only happens occasionally. Sometimes they are fragile due to their age and their condition. We can normally fix that.

We have opened up cases and fixed the physical tape, cleaned it and more.

Extracting/ transferring

 a DVD

£10 per DVD

Please feel free to contact us about the editing service we also provide, once the films have been converted. 

The price is depending on the length of the original footage.

"Big shoutout to Henley Scan for taking our 4 hour wedding video from 20 years ago, and creating a wonderful 5 minute version. It means so much. 

Huge thanks and much love to Eva and Graham for this wonderful digital keepsake. We were thrilled! We really appreciate everything you did."


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