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This photo was taken in Sweden in 1956, it's Eva's parents.

Welcome to Henley Scan. We are Eva and Graham, a husband and wife team based in Henley-on-Thames.

We realised our photos and their associated memories are the most valuable items (non living) in our home. We have scanned our photos, slides, tapes and saved them to "the cloud". They are now safe and we can share them with as many family members and friends we want to. We have produced photo books, collages, short more manageable highlight films and we have had photo books and other photo gifts professionally printed and given many as presents.

We would love to do the same for you and your family.

In our house, space is at a premium and our photo memories are safe from any accidents like fire or flooding. Many of our relatively new photos were going yellow and starting to look quite sad. They have now been restored and looking like new photographs. Being able to watch them on the TV has brought our stories and memories back into our home.



We met working in software development in 1985 in Sweden. 35 years later, several house moves, marriage, two dogs and three now grown up children and countless software projects and adventures, we live in gorgeous Henley-on-Thames, which we love, hence "Henley Scan". We started the business in February 2018.


Henley Scan is here for you and your photo/film /audio memories and any visual media related gift and projects. Film editing, photo books and nowadays also video books, are becoming one of our specialities, they are all part of our Premium service and we enjoy making them. We also get genuine satisfaction helping others enjoy their photos/films in a modern way and helping them being able to watch their memories.


We come highly recommended and have many 5 star reviews

on Google, Yell and Facebook

Between us we have technical and creative skills.

This is again a photograph of Eva's parents, Melbourne Australia 1976. One of the last pictures of her Dad.


Our Service and Reviews

We can pick up and deliver back your photographs, slides, tapes, films etc if you wish at an extra cost, otherwise we are based in central Henley. We have customers all over the Thames Valley, Oxfordshire,Berkshire and Hampshire. We can ensure your precious memories are handed over to one of us directly, but we do also have customers sending it to us signed for or by courier from elsewhere in the UK. It is your personal choice. We will always discuss the project with you and if a design project is involved, you, our customer have direct access to the creator.


A personal and five star service. 

Reviews and Recommendations:

"I'd like to HIGHLY recommend Henley Scan. I gave Graham a bunch of funny old printed photos, and he has come back with wonderful digital versions!

Delighted. Very reasonably priced, pick up and delivery by


Laura 13 Feb 2018

I would like to highly recommend Eva and Graham and the wonderful Henley Scan. In a matter of days Graham collated a rather mixed collection of old photographs, some emailed, to produce an emotional slideshow to be shared at a funeral today. Alongside this, Eva produced a pair of photo books, having painstakingly arranged the photos into a glossy, smart album of digitally 'cleaned up' photographic memories. From black and white wedding photos to modern family snaps, they are all presented with clarity and style and in perfect timing to be given as gifts today (very emotionally received). Eva and Graham, based in Central Henley are warm, open-hearted and welcoming. I would not hesitate to entrust precious family photographs to them to work their magic on. If you want all your higgeldy piggeldy pics to be easy to view and share, then Henley Scan must be your first stop. I am already looking forward to bringing you my next collection!

Nina March 2018

Hi all, just wanted to recommend Henley Scan and Eva and Graham. They have just scanned in some mega old photos for me for a special relatives present and I can’t believe how awesome they look! They had a special price pre easter but their prices are extremely reasonable and now I have those memories in a format that will last! Do it! We are so lucky to have this service in Henley ! Thanks Eva and Graham!

Manjiri April 2018

THANKS SO MUCH Eva - fantastic job of digitising my wedding video for my 20 year anniversary today. The "Brownie Points" have earned me allowance to watch the England game tonight!

Carl 11 July  (Semi final day World Cup) 

My momma really really loves the album. She is looking through it for the fourth time and going over every photo talking about it and reminiscing !! Thankyou so much. xx

Susi August 2018

I found an old video of my husband skydiving the other day ... of course I just had to convert it to a DVD and MP4 so as a family we could witness him - 20 years ago jumping out of a plane! I asked Henley Scan's Eva to help me with the job and within 48 hours she had converted the old video - Thankyou - Highly recommended

Julia 19 Oct 2018

more reviews on Google, Yell and Facebook

This photo is of Graham's mother, his uncle and Grandmother in Lancashire. We think it was taken in 1935.

Next Level Service

We will treat your photos and slides like they are our own. We know they are precious to you. We will upload them on a memory stick (or a hard drive depending on the amount of data) after digitising them. We can also transfer onto a DVD, but even they are becoming "old" media and will compromise the quality. We then recommend you to upload them on Cloud, Amazon Prime Photos or similar. We can help with this if needed. Digitised images can be tagged with special software, to make them easy to catalogue. We love helping our customers achieve their images being accessible and safe from damage and enjoy them.

We can restore photographs that have been damaged by age, light, ripped or stains. We bring memories into the digital age. We can remove people from a photograph if needed or combine two or more photographs to make the "perfect" photograph. 

We have produced slide, shows, highlighted short films and other photo products for special occasions like

weddings, anniversaries, birthday or funerals.

This photo is of us the week after we got married 1987. We haven't changed a bit ........ 


photos 600 dpi and slides 5000dpi

(highest quality without extra charge)

When we started scanning our photographs and slides we were amazed at the quality and how we can restore the photos with the help of software.

Some were old and yellow. And the result were often above our expectations. We enlarged some parts of photographs when we made photo books and it was a delightful experience.

In one photo the kitchen wallpaper from Eva's childhood brought many memories back, remembering how she used to follow the wall paper pattern with her finger. Eva didn't even know about that memory until then.


We think it is safe to say that our customers will be satisfied. 


What is possible?

Nearly anything ....

Making photographs better than before

Priced individually depending on restoration time


We restored this ripped and

creased photo from 1964.

since one of the creases were across

the face we had to rebuild the chin.

This wedding photo had been sun damaged

in a frame. we restored it and

removed the shoulder of her father 

Enhanced basic colour restoration

This was a big photograph, which had many scratches and the colour had faded. We restored it and it was reprinted 50 years later.


We know our prices are very competitive,

we come highly recommended, please see our reviews section and

5 star Google, Yell and Facebook reviews too


We give each project our full attention,

a personal service and we pride ourselves on 

a quick turnaround as well as a high quality of digitising



All our digitisation projects are delivered on a memory (USB) stick at a cost of £15.

They come in a handy smart metal box, which are lovely presents for other friends or relatives,

who would like the same images, footage etc.

They cost £10 for each additional memory stick


A5 with 7" screen - from £129

A4 with 10" screen - from £159

Price includes collating already digital videos (filmed on smart phones etc), photographs,

creating front page with photographs, colours, pictures etc, printing, P&P


from 25 pence per photograph if loose,

and size (6x8" or 7x5"),

smaller or larger photographs charged £1 per photo,

since they need flatbed scanning and therefore more man hours

If both sides of the photograph needs scanning,

for the writing on the back of a photo for example, then it doubles the cost.

How do you know how many photos you have?

In a stack, in cm 

50 photos = 1 cm high (ish)

1000 photos = 20 cm high

Photo Albums

Albums which have photographs glued in, needs to be flatbed scanned, and the photographs will be charged at £1 each. You can receive a virtual photo album, as well as, every photograph individually digital too.The virtual photo album means any writing around the photos, in the margins etc will be preserved. 

Photographs in albums,

that needs taken out from plastic wallets or the sticky striped paper that was popular in the 80s,

scanned and put back again will be charged at £1 per photograph.

If you would like the photograph taken out, scanned, but then put into envelopes or boxes,

then 75 pence per photo.


45 pence per slide 

45 pence per negative


VHS /Video 8/ Hi 8/ Mini DV tape conversion;

£15.00 per tape


Ciné films - 8mm 

£15.00 - 3" diameter reel

£30 - 5" diameter reel

£50 - 7" diameter reel

We can also convert 9.5mm and 16mm Cine film with or without audio,

but they will be couriered elsewhere to be processed at the same price plus postage

with our trusted partner.


£10 per DVD if wanted as well as a memory stick 

(one DVD can hold approx 4 hours footage)

If you have already converted DVDs or CDs that you want transferred onto a USB stick please

talk to us since price will depend on quantity. (normally £10 per disc)


from £15 per audio tape - cassette or reel-to-reel


Creating photo books, slideshows, storing on clouds, photo restoration and other value added services 

individually priced, from £35 per hour

We have the expertise to help with most phone, computer, cloud, scanning, archiving, digitising issues

Please ask.


 Minimum charge for any project is £30.

We take cash or card and expect payment on delivery or before posting an order

If we post the media back to you, it will be signed for and we will charge

a further £7.50 for P&P and the time to goto the post office



We will endeavour to reply

to your email enquiry within

half a day. 

If you prefer to phone us then please do so during office hours.

This photo is from Graham's parent's wedding day in Blackburn in 1959.

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We have personal customers, business customers, organisations, sports clubs, local governments, charities and more as our clients - 

no job too big or too small

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