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My Parent - vintage photo

Welcome to Henley Scan. We are Eva and Graham, a husband and wife team based in Henley-on-Thames.

We realised our photos and their associated memories are the most valuable items (non living) in our home. We have scanned our photos, negatives and slides, converted and transferred our VHS video and

camcorder tapes, it is now all digitised and saved to "the cloud".


They are now safe and we can share them with as many family members and friends we want to. We have produced photo books, video books, video booklets, collages, edited films into shorter more manageable highlight films and more, either for ourselves or as presents. By archiving all the digital photos, they are all now searchable.

Such a great way to easily find our memories. Can we do the same for you?

We also have the skill, experience and expertise to manage, restore and archive

your photographs and other memorabilia.

We would love to help your family, business or organisation.

Make your memories more accessible and searchable in a digital format.

Each project is precious to us, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our digitising,

our customer service, our post digitising quality control and attention to detail.


Please browse our website to see how we can help you.

If you are a business or an organisation please contact us for a quote.

Video Henley Scan services

Please Note:

During COVID 19

we practice safe drop off and collect. Many of our media scanning and conversion projects arrive in the post.

Please tell us if you have any special requests.





We met working in software development in 1985 in Sweden. 35 years later, several house moves, marriage, two dogs and three now grown up children and countless software projects and adventures, we live in gorgeous

Henley-on-Thames, which we love, hence "Henley Scan". We started the business in February 2018.

Henley Scan is here for you and your photo/ film /audio memories and any visual media related gift and projects.

We get genuine satisfaction helping others enjoy their photos and films in a modern way and helping you being able to watch your memories, preserve them for the future and remember your stories.

We come highly recommended and have over fifty 5 star reviews on Google, Yell and Facebook

We have many great ideas and can help you create that very special gift for a loved one.

Eva and Graham during the summer of 1987 - we haven't changed at all ......



We have customers from all over the UK.

We are always happy for you to drop off your media with precious memories to us in central Henley.

Alternatively, send it to us well wrapped, with your name, email and return address enclosed inside. We recommend signed for delivery. Royal Mail pick can nowadays also pick up parcels from your home and deliver them to us for a very reasonable price.

Please see link for further information www.send.royalmail.com

We will always discuss the project with you, either in person, via email or on the phone

and if a design project is involved, you, our customer, have direct access to us, the creators.


A personal and friendly five star service. Your memories are precious to you, and digitising

them at the highest quality and the best finished product is important and precious to us too.


We are enhanced DBS checked.

We have been Dementia Friends trained with the Alzheimer's Society.


Graham is a certified member of The Photo Managers, one of the few members in the UK.

It is an organisation, a community of professionals, 

who are passionate about helping their clients manage photo collections and tell their stories.

See their website www.thephotomanagers.com

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Eva and Graham did a wonderful job of converting 18 of my Mum and Dad's old videos to digital. Considering the number of videos, it was really quick with excellent communication. Graham even dropped them off at my work! Thanks so much 

I recently gave Eva some old slides belonging to my parents which were well over 50 years old. Henley Scan did a fantastic job putting them onto a USB stick in a very short timeframe. The quality is fantastic and the photos of great sentimental value. Thank you so much!

I highly recommend you! 


We used Henley Scan to transfer some small DV tapes that we have had sitting in the cupboard unwatched for about 18years!

I cannot tell you how brilliant it was to be able to watch these just about anywhere now.. the service was quick (given we gave them about 32 tapes) and they were a pleasure to deal with... busy sorting through all my photos now to give to Henley Scan to digitise for me.


I am so pleased with the digital version of my slides. Communication was quick and helpful and

I had the memory stick 3 days after giving it Henley Scan. I would definitely recommend.


I recently visited Eva & Graham,
what a lovely friendly helpful couple..
8mm tapes converted that we haven't seen for 25 years..
Thankyou for your fantastic service, see you very soon as have many more to convert.

Eva and Graham did a fantastic job converting some old cine films and a VHS. Both had massive sentimental value. My gran had recently passed away and we found these old films and had never seen the content of them. It was an absolute joy to see. Thank you so much for making my memories accessible. 


I recently used Henley Scan to scan some old slides and family photos. Eva and Graham provided great service. I received a memory stick containing all the images and some beautifully compiled photo books to give to my family members. This was something I would never have got round to doing and I am so grateful for their time and creativity. In summary, I totally recommend their service to anyone with old format images that need to be brought back to life!


Newspaper Article about Henley Scan and Eva

The Henley Standard January 2020

Press on link to be able to read it

"Let's get down to Business"

Eva on Marlow FM February 2020

talking Henley Scan

Eva-MarlowFM 2


What is possible?    Nearly anything ....

Basic colour correction, cropping and straightening  is included in our scanning prices,

as well as cleaning the media beforehand if needed, these examples are above and beyond that.

Making photographs better than before, and restoring broken or faded memories.

Priced individually depending on restoration time. 

enhanced restored photo

This wedding photo had been sun damaged

in a frame. we restored it and

removed the shoulder of her father. It's now reframed back on her husband's desk.

Colour restoration - before and after.

A Mother's Day present.

restored very broken photograph photo damaged

We restored this ripped and creased photo

from 1964. One of the creases were across the face,

so we had to rebuild the chin.The only photo our customer had of herself as a baby

This was a big photograph (A3+), which had many scratches and the colour had faded. We restored it and it was reprinted 50 years later and they were given as presents to his children.


Our prices are competitive for the same quality service and quality of digitising.

We only scan at the optimal dpi and do not have differentiated levels of service.

Pre-scanning cleaning and post scanning cropping,

straightening, basic colour enhancing is included in our pricing.

We come highly recommended, please see our reviews section

and many 5 star reviews on Google, Yell and Facebook 


We give each project our full attention, a personal service and we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround,

without compromising quality or service. We most probably have the solution to your media problem and can

make sure they are preserved for the future and from any further damage.

For pricing please click on one of the photographs below

Scanning Loose Photos

Scanning Photo Albums

Scanning Slides

Scanning Negatives

Converting Camcorder Tapes & MiniDiscs

Converting VHS Video 

Tapes or DVDs

Converting Audio Tapes & Reel to Reel

Converting Cine Films

Creating Photo Books

Creating Video Books

Smart phone Media

Editing Services

Most of our digitisation projects are delivered on a memory stick or hard drive.

The memory stick comes in a handy smart metal box and the hard drive in a nice case.

Both are lovely present for friends and relatives who would appreciate the same memories ,

and extra devices can be ordered.

Gift Vouchers

From £50

memorystick included

Henley Scan Gift Voucher


We recommend delivering on a USB memory stick or Hard Drive since even DVDs/CDs are "old" technology,

and compromises the quality. However, we do understand DVD/CDs are easier for some of our customers.

We can also do file transfers via the web.


We will always send the original media signed for or courier back to you, if you are not local.


Please feel free to enquiry about a media problem you have


This photo is from Graham's parent's

wedding day in Blackburn in 1959.


You can email us any time on any day.

We will endeavour to reply

to your email enquiry within

half a day.



As we do not work traditional office hours,

please only visit us by appointment. 

45 Kings Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 2DW

Our phone number is 01491 579103

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We have personal customers, business customers, organisations, sports clubs, local governments, schools, charities and more as our clients

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